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You’ve taken the time and chosen your favourite style, you have the box in front of you, you open the box, peal back the crisp Oak&Hyde protective paper and take out your new pristine boots. Before you put them onto your feet and take on the outdoor world here are a few experienced tips on how protect, clean when needed and care for your new Oak&Hyde boots.


Product Protection

There are many different products on the market that claim to do many things for footwear, but it can be a bit of a minefield if you have not shopped for shoe products before. We have a little bit of experience of what we find has worked in taking care of our footwear, and also what has worked for our past customers who have worn and enjoyed Oak&Hyde boots over many years. It is important for a good boot care, to get a protector/waterproofer spray that provides a barrier that repels liquids and other things that might cause stains.



Boots were made for walking, right? This means they’re going to see the elements a lot closer than the rest of your clothing. Good leather boot care calls for the right boot protection. You can use a good water repellent, to give your leather boots that added layer of protection. This leather care product acts as both a conditioner and protectant to make your boots resistant to water and other harsh elements.Proper leather boot care involves a combination of the right leather cleaner, conditioner and protection to keep your leather boots looking their finest. Even if these steps initially seem a bit complicated, they’ll become second nature over time, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your investment for decades to come.


Boot Cleaner

So you've finally worn your boots out of the house. Maybe you’ve worn them several times. When you look down, you gasp – they’re dirty! Stay calm, there’s no reason to panic. You can get those boots clean in no time. To begin, it’s important to wipe away any of the excess dirt and debris with a slightly damp cloth. Next, take a clean cloth and a leather cleaner and gently work the formula into your boots with slow, circular motions. Be careful not to rub too hard so that you don’t damage the leather and affect the finish or remove any dye. Breathe in deep as you watch the dirt slowly disappear.



Leather Care Wax and Cream

Once you have finished cleaning your leather boots, you need to take the final step – remember Bert and Ernie? Leather cleaners are great at getting all the gunk out of the leather pores, but they also strip the leather of it’s natural oils. It’s important to always follow up with a leather conditioner to replenish those natural oils. Once you've applied the conditioner, finish with a gentle buffing. Now sit back and relax as your boots are restored to their previous beautiful selves.

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