Premium Leather Boots

Designed in London, Hand Made in Portugal.

Who we are

Oak&Hyde was founded in the UK in 2015 from years of experience working with the very best independent footwear retailers across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The Brand was created out of a passion for delivering high quality, well designed Leather Footwear and inspired by the quality and well made boots of the 1990’s. Oak&Hyde was born from the simple values of Comfort and Quality of the materials which are used to make a simple and commercial range of footwear designs for the modern environment.


Oak&Hyde footwear is made with a view to endure. We believe that fashion should not be disposable, which is why we make footwear designs that are timeless and we guarantee to make them from the very best quality leathers and materials so that customers have a quality product that will last.We believe that everyone should take some personal responsibility to make our environment a cleaner and safer place to live in. The World has a very big problem with plastic, which is why at Oak&Hyde we do not use any plastic in our packaging, only ethically sourced cardboard which we make sure is all 100% recyclable.

Outdoors in Style

The outdoors can be a tough place to be, and every girl wants to look good, even in the bad weather that nature throws at her. Oak&Hyde boots are made with comfort and quality in mind, giving a functional boot without compromising on style. We have a passion for Footwear and seeing how our boots are enjoyed by our customers. This has given rise to our brand statement, Expertly Crafted, Passionately Worn.

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